Glacier Products

Coin Operated Water Machines

Coin Operated Water MachineGlacier Water started selling water in high-tech vending machines that produce highly filtered, great tasting water at a great price over 30 years ago. Today, our flagship Big Blue Machine ™ is recognized and trusted by people throughout North America.

In-Store Water Machines

Glacier Water developed in-store water vending primarily to address water needs in colder climates, but soon realized that shoppers everywhere appreciated the ability to refill their bottle inside a store. Our line of in-store equipment is designed to work with a variety of retail configurations.
In-Store Water Machines

Ice Machines

Ice MachineThe newest addition to Glacier Water’s offering is a self-bagging ice machine. Similar to our water process, where great tasting water is produced on-site, our ice machines make, bag, seal and store ice for sale right in a store.

By bringing ice production directly to the store, we eliminate all the thawing and refreezing common to delivered ice that so frequently results in cubes freezing together. And just as important, making ice in the store means less delivery trucks on the road. Truly a win-win!