Get a Bottle


Refillable bottles can be found in many large retailers.  Here’s some tips on where you can look:

  1. Check local grocery stores.  If Glacier Water is sold in the store or outside the store, they may carry refillable
  2. Look online – many online retailers carry a wide variety of refillable bottles.  Even buying a bottle online will end up being a smart investment, as you’ll save money over time compared to purchasing bottled water.
  3. You can even get a bottle by paying a deposit on a water refill service.  Drink the water, then refill at a Glacier Water machine!

If you still can’t find a bottle, we’re here to help.

Call or email, as we’ll be happy to look for a retailer near you that sells 1, 3 & 5-Gallon Bottles. Either email, or call (800) 452-9283.